Best of the Best

My two strongest posts are 1) Snail Mail vs Instant Messaging and 2) The Truth Behind Fake News. Snail Mail vs Instant Messaging "Snail Mail" meets the objectives by being posted on time, creating a lively conversation in the comments, and making it easy to relate to the topic. To meet the criteria of incorporating topics from class, … Continue reading Best of the Best


Trolls (2016)

The cute movie, the ugly creatures that live under a bridge, the ugly creatures that hide behind a computer screen spewing nasty words out into the internet simply with the intent to piss people off.   A review of the Trolls movie would be pleasant and an analyzation of the fictional trolls would be interesting. … Continue reading Trolls (2016)

How to Find Reliability Online Without Reading Fake News

Everyone knows the internet is full of all different kinds of information. There's definitively accurate websites like those belonging to government agencies, universities, and most sites that end in .org. To counter those sites are the ones that are filled with biased information (potentially fake news), incorrect facts, or even straight lies. This week, The Enforcer … Continue reading How to Find Reliability Online Without Reading Fake News